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05 October 2021 13 October 2021

Pupil Tracker Login Issues

There is an issue that is currently being rectified with the login process for both the old and new version (Pupil Tracker Hub) of the Lancashire Pupil Tracker.

When a new user is created or indeed an existing user requests a new password, they are sent an automated e-mail from the tracker which generates a temporary password to enable them to gain access to the system.

This temporary password is time-limited however and so after the initial log in via the "Pupil Tracker Hub" (where the KS1/KS2 tracker is housed) the next time the user tries to gain access the temporary password will have expired and so entry is denied. 

The old version of the tracker prompts the user to change their password, when they attempt access with a temporary password, thus removing this issue.

ICT are currently working on a solution to this and once they have resolved the issue users will be prompted to change the temporary password to something meaningful in both the new and old trackers. 

In the meantime, please can we ask new users, or indeed those who have requested a new password, to log in via the old tracker and not the "Pupil Tracker Hub" the first time after they have been presented with a new temporary password.

Additionally at this stage when you log into the old tracker for the first time as a new user you will be presented with a five figure security code that you should make a note of. This will only appear the first time you log in. On the old tracker each time you log in subsequently you will be asked to provide two of the five digits to secure entry.

Currently the "Pupil Tracker Hub" does not present or indeed request the security code digits. Again ICT are working on resolving this issue so that there is a consistency across both sites. 

We will update this position when we have a definitve date upon which the log in arrangements will be the same for both versions.

We hope this is helpful, should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pupil Tracker Team

(01772) 531555



New EYFS Tracker - Additional Demo Webinars

Work on the construction of the new EYFS version of the Pupil Tracker is ongoing. 

On the 30th September 2021 we ran three webinars to showcase the main features of the new system in advance of the anticipated launch date, shortly after the Autumn half term break.

It was not possible for all those interested to attend and so we are running two more repeat sessions on Monday 1st November 2021 at the following times:

1:30pm to 2:15pm

3:45pm to 4:30pm

To reserve a place on one of the on-line sessions please contact providing your school name and LCC number, the name(s) of the member(s) of staff and their individual e-mail addresses (to enable us to send them the link to their session).

We hope this is helpful.

Pupil Tracker Team

(01772) 531555